Have you ever just laid in bed in the morning when you were supposed to be getting up and just said, "Dear Lord, don't make me go!!!".  I have!  So many times.  It's not that I hated my jobs, but sometimes the people.  Honestly, how many of them really wanted to be there?  Not many, and their attitudes were spilling over into my space...

My husband and I were part of a direct sales company for 17 years and never made any more than $300 in a one month period...

So, we decided it was time to stop the endless buying of products and motivational CDs. 

Then a  friend of ours contacted us about another home business.  We saw the service that the company offered and we immediately wanted it.  But we didn't want to try and sell it because our experience was that no one was going to join our team.

But then I realized, this service is so good and inexpensive, that I was going to tell people about it anyway, so why not get paid for it?

Our first month just sharing the information with our family we made $2400!  We couldn't believe it!

So, that was over six years ago.  Now we do have a nice-sized team and I work from home!  I love not having to get up to an alarm clock.  I love not being told what to do by someone else.  I love my company car, which happens to be the dream car I've always wanted: a 328i BMW hardtop convertible.   

What is it that I can help you get? An extra $500 a month?  Or more?  What if you made enough that you could stay home with your children and raise them, instead of them going to a daycare?  What about traveling?  Our company has incentive trips each year.  They've sent us on two trips already, once to Maui, Hawaii and once to Cancun.  In June they are sending us to Jamaica.   All expenses paid! 

If I've said anything that interests you, click on the "Tell Me More" button.

I look forward to talking with you soon!
~Natalie Gutierrez

Natalie Gutierrez